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This is a great article. you really related to how many of us writers feel when the mailman comes to the door. I enjoyed how you sprinkled the article with just the right amount of humor.
I enjoyed this very much. You did an outstanding job with this weeks challenge. Keep writing and God bless.
Good job with your article! The quotes you included touched me, and I enjoyed how your character was able to give his writing abilities over to God for him to use.

The only change I would suggest is with the fireplace. Why would he toss the papers into the fireplace if there was no fire going? It might make a little more sense if he threw his papers in the wastebasket.

Great job on a tricky subject. :)
This was such a joy to read and I loved the part where he he retrieves his manuscript from the "unlit" fireplace. Gave me a lol moment! You had many great quotes in here that ring true for me as well and loved the entire paragraph about God's gift to us and what we do with it, is our gift to Him. Also loved the happy ending!

What an enjoyable read!
I love the Quote by Samuel Johnson.
Every writer can relate to this one! Well done.
You've touched on something that every writer has either experienced--or dreads!

A teensy note: you don't need "totaling 13 in all" in the sentence about the baker's dozen.

Absolutely the right ending, very gratifying.
You evidently saw right into my heart, because that's where this story went. Thanks for sharing.