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Wow this is so intense. I have goose bumps, chills, and tears. Well done!
A profound, well-written article. Thank you for sharing.
This was truly magnificent. I felt your pain and dispair. Kind of difficult seeing through tears. This touched me deeply. Keep writing.
This entry is indeed emotion-packed. I felt the MC's depravity and despair beneath the cross of Calvary. I also felt the repulsion of the MC's own sin, as if they were mine too, when Jesus looked at her/his (my face) face mocking at Him. Thank you for your well-crafted "allegory" of true experiences of human condition as sinners before our holy, and merciful Saviour. The high cost of God's free gift of salvation-- Jesus, God the Son, obeyed the Father even unto death so that we might find mercy and be saved! God bless you for your writing.
Definitely a moving allegory!

I'd like to see the topic strengthened a bit in this one. That's the only minor critique I can come up with--this is a really nice piece of writing.
Very intense, moving and personal. Thank you for revealing so much of yourself to us. I was deeply touched by this beautiful piece of writing.
Powerful, powerful accounting of your revelation. I found myself frozen by the emotions washing over me. A few sentences made me stumble where I would expect a comma - Have you seen Ann's classes in the forums? I learned so much from her! Jan's classes on the craft of are indispensable too. PM me if you can't find them, and I'll direct you. You have obvious writing talent, and I think you could become a "master" in no time with a little technical polishing and smoothing. Thank you for sharing what must have been a difficult experience for you. Many will be blessed by this - me included.
Yes, that did sound like something the Holy Spirit would reveal. His grace and love were evident throughout. Thank you for sharing.
If there had been any mistakes in grammar, punctuation or spelling - they would have been overlooked, un-noticed and forgotten due to the awesome content. Packed with wisdom, this story forced me to do some deep soul searchng of my own. This is one of those story's that one never forgets. Excellent!
Whew, praise God for His mercy!

Thank you for sharing your heart.
Superbly written! You gripped me from the moment I began reading and didn't let go. This was a powerful account of how the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross can impact our lives. You are doing a great job of taking your words and using them to bring honor and glory to the Lord. Loved this!