The Official Writing Challenge
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I too will struggle with meter, I feel your pain, but you cleverly came up with the perfect description of what the craft is. Very crafty!
Good points for who struggle with our writing to remember, whether prose or poetry. I like the title, a reminder for each of us to keep writing, no matter how many setbacks we have.
Beautifully written and I loved the title. I love how you worked craft into your article. Keep writing.
This is so good! I love both parables and acrostics and this is full of great lessons! Definitely, don't throw out the pen!
Wonderful devotional for writers!

I'd caution you not to refer to the FaithWriters' Challenge directly (reasons for this are discussed in the "Jan's Writing Basics" thread in the forum--would love to see you there!) And the phrase 'poetic prose' might not be quite what you meant, as prose is the exact opposite of poetry.

That being said--this is probably the best devotional I've read this week, and it's a very strong entry.
In the beginning this was intriguing and looked like it was going to be a fun read; but then it got bogged down, (Just my opinion), and I got disinterested and bored; however, it WAS helpful, I'm sure, to those who are just starting to write and have a yen to learn the 'tricks of the trade' so to speak. Good Luck to you and God Bless.
Kelli, congrats on your ribbon!!
Thank you for the great advice and encouragement!