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What a great tribute to well-written works. Being able to see a picture as vividly as you described takes great talent and dedication. Well done.
I loved your descriptions in this, wish it was little longer :-)
Beautifully written - I, too, felt drawn into the scene.
For me...this is excellent and lengthened or not, you accomplished your goal to perfection.
Very good character study!

I'd never heard of this author, and had to look him up. Maybe a note at the end to introduce your readers to him?

I think this was just the right length--a little glimpse at a master at work.
Beautiful... I love the descriptions of how an author creates. And I'm glad you chose this rather obscure author... I enjoyed reading "The Shepherd of the Hills"!
Beautifully illustrated and short, brief and to the point! Loved it! (I commented on another entry that was about a sculpture, stating that it wasn't exactly a Writer's Craft - however, another commenter pointed out to me that scupting IS indeed a way with words). So now, after reading your entry, I realize that I was indeed Wrong with a capital "W". Your story proves that sketching a picture DOES tell a story - and you wrote it like a Pro! Kudos!
Thank you for this tribute. What a lovely idea.

I have a quote of his in my mind that has stuck with me for years.

"Eyes blinded by the fog of Things cannot see Truth.

Ears deafened by the din of Things cannot hear Truth.

Brains bewildered by the whirl of Things cannot think Truth.

Hearts deadened by the weight of Things cannot feel Truth.

Throats choked by the dust of Things cannot speak Truth."
Your second paragraph describes the scene outside my window (except for the horse and rider.) :) I need to research this author. Very nice descriptive work here!
Excellently written, great for the topic and very engaging. I enjoyed this much.