The Official Writing Challenge
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I love how you address God as Poppa. It shows what an intimate relationship you have with Him.

A minor editing note- the quotation marks had me slightly confused at first, then I realized you were quoting scripture. If you have a quote within a quote use the single quotation mark(') for the inside quote.

Your love of writing for the glory of God shines through. I do know some people don't like to leave remarks because they may feel unqualified or afraid the critique will be taken the wrong way.

But I have learned that in every piece, whether it be the genre I enjoy or not has some good in it. Don't get discouraged!
I love this honest and heartfelt conversation with the greatest Author who understands all and knows us through and through. Well done, well written.
The words from Papa were very comforting indeed.

This felt a bit like venting on the part of the writer, and referred perhaps too obviously to the Writing Challenge, but it definitely expressed some emotions we've all worked our way through.

This piece beautifully expresses what is in your heart.
So well spoken and SO true. I too get discouraged ss the majority of the members do not critique or comment; but there are a few who make an effort to read as many as they can each week. Then, it isn't always helpful because they don't wish to hurt the writers' feeling so instead of being honest, they pat you on the back with flowery words. Hang in there! Rely on your Heavenly Father, and know that you're not alone. I thought you did a good job expressing how you felt in this entry. Keep writing...
I like how you addressed God as "Papa" and emphasized his writing as the finest. Thank you for encouraging by sharing how you deal with challenges and frustrations. "Papa" is a resevoir of truth, hope and inspiration! God bless!
Sometimes I believe what comes from our pen is for OUR benefit just as much as other's. I know sometimes it can get discouraging when we do not receive comments on our pieces, but we have fulfilled our responsibility in the writing...the rest it up to the Lord.

I too liked the intimacy shown in this.

And I wanted to thank you as well for taking the time to read and comment on "Heaven Sang".