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Ooh! That's cool!! =D I like how you incorporated Paul into it. ^_^ Very kewl.
Good job!
Excellent take on this weeks assignment. I was pulled into the story and had to find out everything. Keep writing.
This was a delight to read. Your details were fantastic. when you use Dad as a name (without the or my in front) make sure you capitalize it. Other than that little detail your article was full of suspense and flowed nicely.
Nice job!
You kept me guessing for a bit about who was in the cell, I was thinking John Bunyan, etc etc. I liked the 'suspense'.
You definitely had me in suspense and needing to find out what happened next. I'd like to see how Zach's assignment turned out! :)
Excellent! I enjoyed this very much. Thank you, and keep writing.
This is creative and unique.

My only teensy suggestion--we don't know who the narrator is until halfway through the story, and then only his name. Were they brothers? Friends? I assumed the narrator was a girl until I learned the name.

Extremely clever use of a Biblical character.

Looks like something exciting happened to Zach after all. :) I love how he's thrilled at the prospect of being lost, just so that something interesting can happen to him. :D

And of course, Paul (or Paulos) gave some amazing advice! He must've known exactly what topic we were doing in the Challenge cause he's right on track! ;)
Second place! Alright! *Applauds* ;)
I loved the suspense and adventure. Excellent work!
Caitlyn, congrats on your ribbon! You are amazing! :)