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I enjoyed your story very much. I think you covered subject matter very nicely. Keep writing.
This is a delight to read from beginning to end. I laughed out loud when she told the professor off. The ending was filled with emotion and palpable pain.
Very nice, and nice illustration of the difficulty of making our characters come to life.

Nicely written.
You kept my interst from beginning to end.
The story was great.
Your story covers the topic perfectly as you used Sarah Anne to bring your message to life. Now I want to read her story. Good job!
Very nicely written and packed with emotion. Yes, you did a superb job describing what a writer needs to feel in order to bring passion into their stories. Your ending gave me the goosebumps!
I liked that ending. What a satisfying feeling to finally be known as a writer.
Strong word choices. Sturdy writing. You certainly write with a confident stride, unlike the MC in this piece.
This is very good. Congratulations on a job well down. Once we write raw personal emotion, we have jumped a high hurdle.
Very, very good.
I loved everything about it, including the MC's name. I remember how painful and frustrating it was to be a beginning writer (wait, I still feel all that), but you really grabbed my emotions at the end. Thank you.
Believable. On topic. Interesting. Likable characters. Very good job on this. You'll be moving up before long.

Perfect progression. I really liked the way you brought Sarah Anne to life - I could feel her frustration and the fire it sparked!
This felt very real to me. The professor's comments both on paper and in person felt authentic, as did Sarah's emotions and reactions. I think this was well-written and well-crafted. Nice job.
Your writing pulled me into this story. Sarah's story (the younger Sarah) about broke my heart. (I think I could learn from your Professor Higgins). Excellent title!
A compelling story with a terrific lesson in it. I like both of your characters - they felt real.
Great dialog, and your characters live through your words. Your point is so strongly made, and the ending is wonderful! Good job!!
I thought this was fantastic. Your incredible details kept me engaged from beginning to end. Good job.
Hey Angela, congrats on your "highly commended!"
I especially liked this line: "But writing is more than technicalitieswriting is taking raw emotion and putting it down on paper." Excellent point, well illustrated.