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I enjoyed this. Reading a story through pictures of ones life. Interesting. Thanks for sharing and keep writing.
I like your take on the topic. Fine writing too.
Well done.
What I like about this entry is that, even though a picture is worth a thousand words, none of them meant anything until a few written words were read on each photo. Our value and importance as writers is restored!

Great approach to the topic and very well written.
You did very well creating the Grandmother's character. I struggled a little to figure out the family structure, which made the reading less smooth for me.
I'm an "old photo" person too! Especially of family. I loved this, and getting to know your Grandma a little. I'm glad she's still living for you to continue this new relationship. Your first paragraph was so cleverly written. You drew me into this story and I enjoyed every word (and picture.)
You grabbed me right from the beginning. What a blessing your Grandma has in you with your love and appreciation for her!
This is sad but beautiful.
Your opening paragraph set the scene beautifully. I could visualise the rampaging hordes going through the house. Love looking at old photos-they are so important to family history. Well done!
Wow, touching! Shows the importance of family and being there for them. Glad the MC got the message before it was to late.
You've endeared this reader to your grandmother and her way to chronicle life. I wish we had more like her (maybe become one ourselves)scribing down in pictures the stories of our lives and those around us. Great job!
This hits home to me as I've been doing family research.
One of the saddest things is the family home being sold. For some reason we have stopped valuing the family 'home' and see our houses as financial investments.

You created a good picture yourself of your Grandma as you sought to know her through her pictures.
I have been going thru old family photos found after our parents died. I only wish somebody had thought to wrote anything, even just names, one them. Their was very good. Good story, good writing.
I loved the analogy to the fading of the older photos versus the fading of the newer photos through what was actually happening in reality -- their reflection of that. Plus, the whole piece was very well done.
Rikki, congrats on your ribbon!!
Great opening paragraphs keeps the readers reading, and yours certainly did. So happy for you in your placements/wins with this touching story. Looking forward to reading more of your work.
Very well done. I also enjoyed your opening paragraph, although I felt that the strong imagery (vultures, Aunt Greedy) was somewhat at odds with the tone of the rest of your story. Nevertheless a well written tale with a very appropriate message.