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WOW!!! What a marvelous story. Made me want to shout. You did a wonderful job of staying on point. Thank you and God bless you. Keep writing.
This is an excellent retelling of this story. You managed, truly, to show the heart of the reader.
I love to study the Old Testament and Ezra is a favorite! Nice work!
I love this kind of retelling of the Bible. It brings the characters to life for modern readers.

Personally, I think your writing hit the mark very well.
Loved this re-enactment of an important old-testament story. The scripture references distracted me from the flow of the action, but I also don't want to see the Word go un-referenced. Maybe your footnote could include specific chapters & verses? This event is perfect for the topic - well done on bringing OT scripture to life and to light, just as Ezra did.
Very creative. What an example that is needed in our country today!
This is a great take on the topic.
Congratulations in placing in the top 9 of your level. Good job!
A good rendering of a moving Bible story. Well done. Did you see the other version in Masters?
FYI more than 70 years had elapsed by the time Ezra mounted his platform. It was about 70 years from the initial stage of the exile (which took Daniel into captivity) up untl Cyrus' decree in 536BC and the return from exile. Ezra came along some time later, holding his revival during Nehemiah's governorship in around 445BC.