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What a wonderful story. I loved the title. So many books to choose from and all can transport us anywhere and everywhere but only one can save the soul. Thank you for sharing. God bless and keep writing.
That was beautiful! I loved it. Books always transport me to far off places too. :)
I can relate to everything to said! My favorite part about reading is being transported away, to experience what the characters experience. A good book can make you not want to come back to reality! lol! Nice piece!
Great Title!

You summed it up well. We can be anything, any place, at any time in history and never leave our chair!
Well written.
Perfect title, and a great essay on the power of books and of The Book in particular. Your writing skills very good!
I like your title. You made reading so enticing I think you could convert a non-reader. Good job.
I love your title! You are exactly right with this creative entry.... we can visit so many places and times by traveling through "the portal" of books! Nice work!
Your title is perfect. libraries are one of my favorite places. I enjoyed the journey you took me on.
You write very clearly. I would like to go through other portals you have written.
Amanda, congrats on your Highly Commended award!
Oooh, a really good take on Reader! That's just what I think of books...portals to other "happy places". Excellently done!
Books are wonderful for so many reasons--I can spend hours in the used book stores here. So happy that your entry was recognized for its worth.
Very well done. You certainly grabbed and held on to my attention
By the way Columbus didn't set out to prove that the world was round. That was a well accepted fact. Rather people didn't know that America was there, so when they calculated the combined widths of the Atlantic and Pacific, they reckoned that no one could possibly survive such a long voyage. Columbus recalculated the distance, got it wrong, decided to take a risk on making it all the way to China, and the rest as we say is history.