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Wow this is so powerful. You did an outstanding job of bringing the reader in and staying true to the topic. This is a very powerful piece and I hope you can do more with it after the challenge is over. It needs to be available in every high school across the country. Blessings.
I agree with Shann completely. This was such a moving story. Thank you for sharing.
I was unaware of the story behind the law--but you brought it alive to me, and it moved me deeply. Thank you for sharing and for doing such a good job of it!
I hope your story is a winner. You told it well. Keep up the good work.
Your opening just grabbed me right away and then the end was a WOW! So this is how that law began? Absolutely a good Samartin this woman was.
Wow! This is wonderful! You've written such a gripping story. It is only topped by the message! Perfect title! Love this!
Oh. My. I knew about the law, but you told the story behind it with suberb writing.
Nice job w/ a serious subject. You didn't shy away from graphic yet appropriate (I think anyway) imagery w/ the beginning & end as many might have.
The message is incredibly important. I'm glad to see it is packaged in such a well written piece. Find a way to take it to the world.
You gave me goosebumps! And thanks for throwing the brick..or I might not have found this. She definitely took action--life changing action. I wonder how many of us have been affected positively by her action...perhaps even unaware. Someday we will know.
Thank you for this wonderful story. I like to see ideas like this one to deal with such problems.
Your story brought a very real societal tragedy to the forefront. We need to be made aware of such injustices if are to make a difference!
Good job. Thank You.
This was such a strong piece! Congratulations on your placement win!
Rikki, Super congrats on your ribbon with this wonderful entry!!