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Loved your candid story about what WE ALL go through. Especially liked your epiphany...really got me to thinking :)

And yes, I completely agree about God having a sense of humor!
You've shared a wonderful lesson here. This reminded me of 1 Cor.7:33-34. It's so sweet how the ending (or just the beginning) turned out for husband and wife. Thank you for sharing. :)

I wonder if you'd consider writing this in a more fiction-like style--like a story, with dialog, perhaps even in third person. In that way, you'll be "showing, not telling", and we'll get to know both characters better through their words.

This would be great as the starter of a discussion in a women's Bible study.
What makes this teaching strong is that you share so honestly and openly about your own struggles in your marriage. In that way I think you create an immediate bond with your reader who has their own struggles. Well done for tackling this difficult topic.
I totally agree, "God does have a sense of humor." :) It's encourageing to read how you, with God's help, worked thourgh this time in your marriage. Your title is perfect!
I can't help feeling that your piece should have finished with the two of you heading for the bedroom.
A good piece with an excellent moral. BTW it's complement with an 'e' and not an 'i'.
Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading this.
God has a sense of humor, no doubt about it! Thank you for this honest look at one of the issues that can divide a couple if not addressed in the right way.
Not sure if I agree with the analogy of the reason given why men and women peak sexually at different times in their lives. I definitely don't think it was by God's sense of humor. By design yes, humourous? Keep writing.
Thank you for sending me congratulations for my article making 8th in my level in the top ratings. I hadn't checked the list yet. After your message I checked the list and I noticed you made 3rd. Congratulations to you! I read your piece and enjoyed it. You write very well.