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This is an interesting story.
This is a great and needed informative story. I am like you, glad not to be a man and too chicken to go into the service, so I absolutely relate to your feelings.

As for you WOW, to Thelma, I believe you didn't realize, how much you actually did honor her, with WOW!

She is a brave lady and you can add my admiration of her, to her, on that luncheion. She is one in a million and I too, am grateful to her!

Thank you for sharing, made my day :)

Every person who serves their country deserves a wow and a thank you. Great message and a good reminder.
What a fascinating story, from the excellent title to the last word.
It is amazing how we can think that we know someone and really not know that much. I love the historical information that you gave here and found the story very interesting. I had no idea that women were in the military in WWII! It's really sad that they were treated as less when they were just as much deserving of honor as the courageous men who fought. Praise God that they were later given the recognition they deserved. Thanks for sharing this story.
Enjoyable read. I would however would have liked a footnote explaining what the letters WASPS means. You cannot take for granted that everyone knows.(Including me, I use to know but have since forgotten). I realize anything can be GOOGLED, but it would have been nice to be included in the article.
Congratulations on placing in the top 8 in your level!