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Oh, very good!

This was charming the way it was, but I'd have loved more--you had so many more words, and this was well done.
Cute story!

Would love to be able to see a picture of the finished product! How DID your Mom respond?
Very funny, but I would have like to have actually seen your mother's reaction.
I LOVE these "Short and to the Point" entries! And this hit this weeks "Eek" topic to a "T"! Such a welcome relief from long, drawn out stories that could have been told in three paragraphs. Thanks for giving us a tasty and satisfying description of an obvious "Eek" in a nutshell! (*.*)! Good Job!
Yay, Joni, you're back! Hope things are well with you.

Very engaging piece. I don't have much in the way of red ink, other than I would love to see the fourth paragraph expanded into a showing vs. telling scene.

You're a natural writer, for sure!
Funny how a lot of kids when they get the scissors get into trouble. I enjoyed it and it reminded me of my own children and grandchildren. You might draw it out more next time. Talk about that long walk across the street and wondering what your mom would do. A good story for eek.
I can picture every detail, even the implied ones. Very amusing.
LOL! I love the way this begins, and the suspense you build. I could just see the grandmother catching these two. :)
I too like the voice. Very fresh. I wouldn't have minded reading a lil more, but this was great. I look ofrward to reading more from you. God bless.
Well told! I think I would have been that Grandma too...afraid what else they might do while under my watch! LOL