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As a bug quivering whimp, I give you a thumbs up for trying the fried ants. Ewww and icky. Again, nice to hear about the real life that goes on in another country. BTW...LOVED the sentence when you saw the Cobra, I looked out the door and then quickly slammed the door. That made me lol!
Cute title, and the story lived up to in in squirminess.

Take a look at your second paragraph--consider changing the 'you's to 'we's or even 'I's. (I've never been there, but you have). It's best to avoid slipping into 2nd person in narrative.

Love the dog's name!
These missionary tales from Africa are always enlightening. Quite the adventures with the creepy crawlies, to be sure! I did notice a couple of minor typos, but I am sure you've already addressed them. Best of luck to you!
I was a child when my parents lived at a Mission Hospital in S. Africa, so I know FIRST HAND about those creepy, crawly "Eeks!" I Enjoyed, (or perhaps a better choice of words would be) "I was entertained" by your story. (*.*)...but it wasn't the Creepy Crawlies that sent us back home to the was malaria, caused by mosquitoes. Great story! Nice job!
You did a great job of describing the creepy crawlies. I loved how the dog protected you.