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Clever and fun - and who would think it would be a MOUSE screaming "eek?" Enjoyed this!
This was definitely entertaining. I loved the mental picture of the dog biscuit being hoisted under his little arm.:)
Great lighthearted fun! Could actually see this as kids cartoon.
Clever twist on the topic!
A clever and fun read. One of the best at this level.
Wow! What a delightful read after reading what we might call "Regulars". Not only Funny, creative and absolutely outlandish - but also Amusing, Enjoyable! Delightful and definitely "Different." A fun read, and don't make this "First Job" (a take on your Title) your Last Job, Okay? keep on writing! (^.^)
This is hysterical. Definitely my type of story.
Delightful story! You've really put a creative twist on the topic.
I really enjoyed it too. It was very clever. But I was a little confused about the "load" at the beginning. I didn't realize until the fifth paragraph that they were moving dog biscuits. Maybe I'm just dense.
I could totally picture the mouse sailing through the air or dancing on the remote. : )Too funny.
That Henry is a favorite of mine. :) He's such a clever rodent, too. Who would have thought to propel your food with a slingshot. :) You have a lot of fun stuff in this story!
This is fun and cute! And I could just see Henry dancing on the remote trying to hit as many buttons as he could. Loved it!
What a hoot. A great character in Henry. Very, very kool and entertaining. Well done. I'm impressed. God bless.
VERY cute, and very well done! It can be difficult doing the human thing with animals -- but you caught it perfectly. Congrats!
Yay, Sunny! I knew Henry would be a star someday!
Sunny! Look at your ribbon. Now up to Advanced... take care of that Henry! :) Super congrats!
:P A truly eek-worthy story! ROFL! I loved Henry and Quincy. heehee--a slingshot, who would've guessed?((and congrats! Up to level 3 you go!))
Super entertaining, Sunny! I loved this and would love to read it to my grandchildren. It should be in a could take this lots of places with this family of mice.

A book, please!!! I want more.

Not crazy about having you in competition in the "Advanced" level though. LOL
Just what I needed today, something light-hearted. This was entertaining and very original. Keep on using your great imagination. You'll go far. We NEED imagination to survive in this life. Like another commenter said, "Don't make this FIRST JOB you last. Write more!!! Helen
Thanks for your comment on my article about my sister and her broken knee.
Great JOb...God bless you.Amen.
Love this story Sonny. Funny and well written.

Keep at it, you're good.

Thanks for commenting on my story. I volunteer with the Voice of the Martyrs so I've got too many of them like that that I could write.

Though this is an older story of yours, I enjoyed it. Loved the mouse getting dizzy from the pattern on the rug!