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This was an enjoyable re-telling of the well-known Biblical account of Moses' early days. I like it!
Beautifully written, and such a great idea for this weeks topic. I love Bible Stories, and you did a good job of this one - reeling in your reader with a fascinating, mysterious Title! Nice job!
Very well done.Making us think more about how this family might have felt when Moses was born.
An interesting retelling a very familiar story. I found the dialogue a little stiff and the last paragraph did not flow smoothly. You have,

Jochabed nursed and loved the child. He was weaned, returned him to the Pharoah’s daughter, and became her son. She named him Moses because she drew him out of the water.

something is missing after, He was weaned, I would suggest, He was weaned AND returned to the Pharoah's daughter, and HE became her son.

The subject has to be identified. Keep writing.

You did a nice job of helping us to peek into baby Moses' world.