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Oh wow - that was good! Of course, now I want to know the rest of the story! Did God send our heroine a husband or is she still patiently waiting?
Your writing brought this to life as I heard the girls' impatient pleas. Good message tucked within your last lines too. Two thumbs up from this reader.
This reminded me of Elisha or Elijah and that he thought he was the only one left who worshipped God. Sadly so many young people aren't very dedicated to God. We definitely need to be quiet and listen to God. He'll help us through.
Loved it! Well done
Loved it, everything from the title, to the writing, to the message it relayed. Thanks. I read it through twice cause I so enjoyed it.
Very well-done. I like the way you appealed to your readers' senses.
Wow, this piece really spoke to me. My 25 year old daughter is going through almost the exact same things (including watching over kids in their teens and early 20s) I will have to send this to her. It's like God had you write this just for her. Thank you so much.
Congrats on your third place win Amanda! Whoohoo, girl, on up you go :-)
Excellent description of both nature and soul searching. Well done!
Wow, thanks for all the comments guys! I'm really touched by each one and honored to have gotten third place already! Praise the Lord!

P.S. I did write this story as a modern day telling of Elijah's conversation with God in 1 Kings 19 I believe it is. :) (Either 1 or 2 Kings) Thumbs up to those who noticed the connection!