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I enjoyed this.You really summed up the Apostle Paul's lament of Romans 7:15, "For that which I do I allow not;for what I would, do I not; but what I hate, that do I." Quitting smoking is something that YOU can't do. But HE can. My heart goes out to you as you struggle with this addiction. Good writing, too!
I pray that God gives you an extra dose of his strength to quit. My husband was a smoker for years. He struggled to quit and like you had tried all kinds of things to try to do so. He finally got victory over it and hasn't had one since February of 1998. I pray that you too will find that victory and that your testimony will help others who are struggling to have hope for success in beating their addictions.
We all sin. Smoking is hard to quit. My dad finally quit because of having heart surgery, but about a year later died from lung cancer. I will pray that you can quit. I know it's difficult. I'll be praying you can quit.
The thing about a secret is that it takes a toll on you. And whether you know it or not those around you know your secret. The smell of smoke always leaves its presence. You've stated all of the reasons why you should quit, the expense, nastiness, and health issues, not to mention bad breath. So the rest is between you and God. I had a friend who was in your place and didn't know until she stopped smoking that God had so much more for her than she ever realized. Her ministry went to new heights. You can't witness to others about His deliverance when you yourself haven't been delivered. Just a thought. By the way, overall writing was good.
This is an excellent entry! Your poem at the end is just fanTAStic. Two thumbs up from me.