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Gripping tale of a tormented soul told through this poem. Keep writing.
Good job of showing the feelings of someone who's lost and doesn't know God. They don't know that friend and peace is in Christ.
Wow! Well done. Got your message and it spurs me on to be the bearer of wonderful news.
Very sad and haunting tale of a teenager who has lost his or her way - and can't seem to get rid of the torment within. Nicely done. You hit the nail on the head when it comes to this weeks Topic..."Shhh"; From one poet to another, "Well Done", (And by the way, the first piece I ever sold to a magazine was a poem) - so keep writing! There's nothing like seeing your name in Print!
Beautiful. This poem flowed like a never ending river. I enjoyed this immensely. Keep writing.
This is VERY good! I enjoyed both the story and the poetic skills--my favorite so far at this level.

A teensy correction in these two lines:

A mission that has lost it's goal.
A silent outcry, shhh it's old.

In the first of those two lines, your its should not have an apostrophe. The possessive its is like his or hers--no apostrophe. Your second one is fine--there the it's stands for the two words it is.

This is a very, very well-done poem!