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Great job ministering about salvation to those who have not yet entered into fellowship with our King!

I really enjoyed how you used I, II, and III to breakdown your summarization. Made your message very clear and it did not allow the reader to feel talked down to.
The Good News of Salvation, Christ, the Cross and all religious subjects have been hushed up as in "Shhh..." in these modern days, which is sad. Thanks for sharing this nice devotional and/or Bible Study with us.
Thank you for sharing the good news which a lot of people need. It is going through a hush period, but just keep the faith and hang on. I think we are in for the ride of a life time.
Well written commentary on the Gospel, but the topic shhh is a bit of a strecth. I appreciate the commenters that say they got it, they are just being kind. You are a good writer but try to include topic.
I liked your message it was well-written and I could tell you feel passionate about it. I too had a hard time seeing the topic, but it was still enjoyable. I liked the prayer at the end.
Well-organized devotional, and obviously well researched.

Many people respond favorably when devos include a more personal touch--and anecdote or object lesson that they can relate to. Something to consider for future entries, perhaps?

Your passion for the gospel is quite apparent--thank you!