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We learn a lot about our families on trips together.As you said we all have those Phew moments and can thank God for His care. Enjoyed your story.
What a precious story. I loved the mother's anxiety about her appearance. I'm thankful God loves us for who we are and not what we look like. We are silly creatures and I am sure God has to chuckle at our silliness. Keep writing.
Thanks for this reminder. Our phew moments do remind us to trust God as He always shows up right when we need Him. Keep writing.
I enjoyed the road trip and the lessons you learned along the way.
I REALLY enjoyed this insight into your week and the growth you identified so beautifully in yourself. Lovely humour and strong writing! Hope you do very well with this.
Wow, you really went through all that? I was anxious right along with you and your girls at the tire blowout part. Definitely a "phew!" moment. Glad you finally got to your destination.

The last paragraph or so sums up the story nicely. Praise God for the little lessons He sends our why! After all, "the trying of our faith works patience." ;)
Oops! Meant to say "our way." *Blush, blush*
Oh wow, what a time you had! I enjoyed your story of bonding and travel (and lessons learned). :) Memories to last forever with that trip! (the memories get funnier as time passes). :)
What an eventful, entertaining story. I think I grew a few more grey hairs just reading it! Good job:)
Good job conveying the lessons learned on this stress-filled trip.

You might want to consider shortening the opening sentence for greater impact.

I love reading stories about real life experiences and you put this together nicely!
Don't you just love bonding with daughters? And the memories grow sweeter as time passes! Great story!
I can so relate to what you went through (the vacation AND the emotions). You are definitely gifted at writing. This story flowed so smoothly and had an ending that stayed with the story. :)