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Sometimes people are so condemning.It's good to know Christ has forgiven us and we should also forgive others.
It's wonderful to be forgiven. I was aching to learn more about your MC and her trials and struggles. This could be the start of a great devotion.
Thank you for sharing this story. It is sad but a lot of people judge a book by its cover and never truly look within. I thank Christ for loving us so much that no matter the situation He forgives and forgets. To bad we can't do likewise. Keep writing.
providing hope is what we are supposed to be doing. nice view of "church' from the hopeless side. i hope it becomes more prevalent.
This would be a great advertisement for a recovery group - so honest, so transparent. Glad your mc found a safe place. I enjoyed this a lot.
This was a great story. Like Shann, I think it could have been pulled out a little more to show us more of your MC. But overall, I think you really did a good job. I liked how it ended, too.
It warmed my heart to know that the church members in the story were genuine, loving followers of Christ. Just simple acceptance rather than judgement of those looking for a way to God may be all they need to encourage them to keep making their way towards the Way of Life. Good story.