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We never give any thought to how sewage is handled in other countries. Especially if the country is not as modern and up to date as where we came from. Kind of reminds me of a time when outhouses were the norm. That is a smelly mess. I enjoyed this very much and thank you for sharing.
You did a good job brining me into the story. I could picture the monkeys and taste the excitement.
you portrayed the inner conflict well. the transition into the excitement for the trip went well, too. my only criticism is the ending seemed too abrupt for this piece. nonetheless, a nice job!
I liked the story but agree that it could have been fleshed out a little more- let us know what is really holding your MC back or what finally convinces her to go- that kind of thing. You've got a good writing style, very comfortable to read and easy for the reader to get into. well done, keep up the good work.
Wow! This is really "da jah vu" for me! My family and I are currently moving to a town four hours away (not nearly as far as Africa ;), it's even in the same state) and I've struggled a lot with the same things you spoke of. God is slowly changing my heart towards this new place too, as I believe God is not only calling my Dad there for ministry, but me as well. Each place holds new opportunities. Thanks for this encouraging story! (I had to smile at the elephant crossing. :) )