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A very good message on a controversial topic. I'm so glad she made the right decision. It's amazing how when we think we can't do something, God always provides, either with a pay raise or some other way.

When you use the word dad as a substitute for a name it should be capitalized, generally if a pronoun like my doesn't precede it, start it with a capital.

Other than that little thing, it was well-written and touched my heart.
Thank you for this story. Thank you for tackling this subject. My favorite part was when the surprise was "our love". Perfect.
I like the way your showed that even christians at times can have thoughts that we regret, but concentrating on God's word can show us the way to what we should do. Good job.
What a beautiful story of how God works in our lives and shows us right from wrong. It is amazing how he miraculously provides all of our needs. Thank you for a touching story of God's love. Keep writing and God bless.
You did a good job here. Thanks for the posting.
Such an important message!

The section where she is considering abortion and remembering Scripture seems bulky to me...people don't generally think in complete scriptures with parenthetical references...maybe she could recall the gist of the scripture, then you could cite them at then end? That might improve the flow and pacing.

I loved your last line--that the surprise was their strong love. Surprised me!
A very well written piece, congrats on your highly commended award!