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Nicely done. The story was cute, but better- it kept my attention. Nice dialogue and nice lesson worked through the story.
Great story. Attitude is everything. I like the way you showed a positive way to look at a difficult situation. Great ending that the little girl looked at the cross like a valentine from Jesus. Thanks so much.
I loved how you brought this story to life. Once I started reading I was mesmerized. I had to find out about the lion in the nursing home. The lessons it taught were wonderful and the cross turned valentine was a special touch. Keep writing and God bless.
Ah, perspective is such an important attribute. Curious title that satisfied the questions it created. Great pacing. Well done!
Cute story.

I felt rather confused as to the age of the little girl. At first, she seemed a teenager, then very young.

Loved the valentine analogy. I had never considered that before!
Very sweet story that reminds us that our attitude can make a huge difference to our happiness. The valentine link is special - thank you!
awww, warm fuzzies all over! great writing!
This was so well done! It drew me in, then surprised me with the Valentine from Jesus. What a delight. Thank you for sharing this.
Awesome title, and a well-written story.
I was hoping this would do well! Congrats on your placing Shann, see you in Advanced!
Congratulations. You're moving up.
I think I know how Wrigley feels. Nursing homes and special-needs people can make someone a bit nervous, but the Grandma teaches a valuable lesson on looking at things from a positive point of view. Very touching ending!

Congratulations on your win! I'll look for your entries in Advanced. :)
Congratulations on your placement! That is so awesome! Great story! Attitude is a choice and your story brought that out!
Your Title lured me in, and then the story kept me there until the end. What could have been a sad story, you made Delightful! Great signs of a good writer. Lure 'em in, open with a fascinating oomph, keep 'em interested, and close with a flourish! Nice job, (one small typo...craved instead of carved;) but Kudos for a job well done. An enjoyable read.