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Thank you for your story. The lesson it taught was very true. Bad company corrupts and can cause others to fall into its trap. The oh moments of life are hurtful but also teaching experiences. Keep writing and God bless.
A good lesson for all, no matter the age. When you described Katlyn as a "forever child" I thought she might have been mentally challenged.
Other than accidentally leaving a word or two out, you did a great job. I could empathize with mother, daughter and teacher.
Thank you for sharing.
Middle school is difficult and you did a good job of portraying the problems of teens. Also, thought of the scripture - bad company corrupts good morals. Good lesson here.
Middle school is such a difficult time!

Some of your dialog seemed a bit stiff--if you're interested, stop by the forums for my lesson in writing natural dialog. Look for "Jan's Writing Basics".

Glad you gave this such a positive ending.