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I get that same "GRRR" from my husband now when I shout out while he is driving and we've not been newly weds for a LONG time! cute story... thanks for bringing back those first year memories
You did a great job bringing the characters to life. The dialogue was quite realistic.
Guilty, as charged. Your writing is like a reflective mirror, gazing back at me...
My,my she was a slow learner, I hope they are still together :) Writing was good.
I like the way that the wife just didn't get it. Humorous and all too realistic! I felt that we never really got to understand the mother-in-law. Perhaps a couple of lines from her would have told us whether Sean was over-reacting or not
Been there, made every mistake, still do. Good Grrr story.Realistic.
So husbands do mind the corrections? Who knew? Enjoyed every line. I watch out for squirrels, too.

Your characters and their dialog were very believable, and a great fit with your story situation. The young couple's emotional friction was captured just right, and kept things moving. Kudos on a great story!
Good job, very realistic! I still do this, alas, after almost 20 years of marriage... :)
Well done with so many true-to-life vignettes. It brought back a lot of memories when my wife and I were first wed. I liked the way their relationship with one another was open - each willing to say what might bother them. A real sign of a mature relationship.
Very true to life and I think we've all been through similar when newlyweds *sigh*. I agree with Greg, having the mother in law maybe say something to her son and maybe even her daughter in law would have been good. I like the ending, just when she's trying not to make comments some pesky squirrel gets in the way. I enjoyed reading this, well done.
I can feel the Grrr building up as the story progresses. Your description and writing is very realistic, so much so it successfully stirs up some fumes within! When not handled carefully, such situations can lead to conflicts, and it will not be just newlyweds!
Been there, done that! Unfortunately, after almost 34 years of marriage, I still occasionally catch myself "nagging." This was a well-written story with excellent dialogue.
Hey Scarlett, congrats on your placing! Awesome!