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That was fun to read and kept my attention, I found myself hoping just like the mc. Loved the advice given too. Thanks
ohhh... I felt your "grr" and I'n not even confident enough to send my "stuff" out yet... keep at it! You encourage us "newbies"!
Great job and good reflection at the end. You managed to put a voice out there for all of the writers who receive rejections. I hope you never give up.
I enjoyed this very much. You made some apt observations. I particularly liked the contrast between personalised applications and non-specific rejections. And you resisted the temptation to give it a positive ending. Well done.
We needed to hear this.Well done!
Keep on keeping on...
Great subject for the topic, and I really enjoyed your wit. Nice job.
Sounds like a very realistic representation of what authors go through when they atempt being publishing. Gives me something to look forward to, right? ;-)

Very well written!
I enjoyed this very much. Keep it up. Be very brave. Be courageous... it's only 66,000 words more... :) :)

Way to go, Michael! Moving on up to Advanced! Congratulations!
Just so ya'll know (showing my Texas roots) this is absolutely a TRUE narrative - this is exactly what is happening to me on my journey submitting my nonfiction manuscript to agents and publishers. Definitely a GRRRR kinda thing!
Congrats Michael, see you in Level 3!