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I enjoyed this story very much. I have seen many change of life babies in my life. One such accident or oops moment was a blessing and a half from God. This couple had wanted children but their only child was born when they were both in the 40's. God never makes mistakes and I'm so happy He can see the future. Keep writng and God bless.
First, it would be nice not to put your word count in the title. No need to repeat the title in the body, your article is now 601. :) Secondly the conversation did not flow in a realistic way, but the ending did redeem the whole story. Keep practicing and growing.
Lovely - I thought it was going in another direction and the "you're pregnant" was a very pleasant twist in the tale.
I enjoyed the twist in your story!

Quick suggestion: try not to give away the most important plot point in your title.

I've started a thread in the message boards specifically for Beginner and Intermediate writers, and I'd love to have you stop by.

This was a sweet story, and I enjoyed reading it.
I really enjoyed this Sarah. The pregnancy was a nice twist.
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