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What a story. I thought I would burst with laughter. I'm thankful my husband could cook and also for his love that gave us time for me to learn how to boil water without burning it. Keep writing and God bless.
This is so charming and I could see it in an old movie. One an inviting piece and one that everyone can relate to. Well done.:))))
Love it, love it, love it! You have captured the essence of the topic beautifully. I could see the whole thing playing out in my mind's eye. Well done!
Today I needed a laugh and you gave it to me. You did a great job! I hope we see more writing from you. God Bless.
This story made me smile. Great story and great presentation.
Great story. That's how life often turns out. Everything seems to come at us at once.
What a lovely, well-written story. You captured the essence of the newly-weds perfectly!
Excellent! Made me laugh and brightened my day.
A nice story, I'd love to hear how the preacher made it a part of his sermon. It's also a good reminder that marriage is always hard work, but well worth the effort.
Very funny! I actually had something similar happen. Great lesson.
Very real tale, told very well. Congrats on a great piece of writing!
Wonderful entry!
This was just absolutely excellent. I really enjoyed reading this. The over-flowing dish water at the end was perfect. Great job.
Just perfect! Your writing has a very comfortable flow to it. I loved the line "Right then I knew we were sermon material". Loved the ending.
Very nice! I enjoyed the 'sermon material' line, too. (I find myself in that category too often as a pastor's wife!)
Superbly written and a wonderfully humorous story of a young marriage. Good job!
Fun, fun, fun. My kind of entry. So well-done. This is just excellent. You are doing so well and i look forward each week to read your entries.
There's just something about humor...hard to write.
Good Oops! I, too, would love to know if it became sermon material!
Delightful to read. I see you moving up----up----up.
I agree with Verna, I think you'll soon be moving up. This was wonderful.
Beautiful,tender story! I felt uncomfortable for the wife when the pastor asked for a piece! Good job :)
A well-told story all around with a very authentic voice. I think their marriage will be just fine (even if he did run over her cat..). Well done!
Yea! I knew this one would be on the short list! Congrats, Sarah!

Congrats, Sarah-girl! That's two in a row, my friend. :D
That was so good. I absolutely loved it.
Great story, and excellent writing. Congratulations!
Congratulations. Loved this. I love it when people can finally stop taking themselves so seriously and laugh at the things that don't really matter. Great message within great writing.