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This was a hoot. The title was perfect. I can only imagine how she felt. I would have prayed for the floor to open and engulf me. Thanks for sharing and God bless.
I could picture this happening - a good laugh and well written.
An oops moment for sure. It gave me a good visual in the end.
Hilarious! I could just see it happening, with growing dread...

Take a look at the number of sentences that begin with "Leah..."

I've started a thread in the message boards specifically for Beginner and Intermediate writers, and I'd love to have you stop by.

This was a really good read--I enjoyed it a lot.
This was great. Very funny.
This is a riot. I anticipated an "incoming" and wasn't disappointed.
A genuine "Oops" moment, and you captured it perfectly. Great story, great writing, great take on the subject! An excellent read that kept me engaged from beginning to end. Awesome job!
LOL!Fun story. Is it true?
I would like to see more show than tell.
The supervisor is a great character too!

great characterization for Leah, I could picture her through the entire piece.

Being from Texas, I still hadn't heard the line about skunks..but we mostly make up our own lines on the spot ;-) Do we really drawl though??? lol! Good job putting this piece together. As far as red ink, maybe focus more on showing instead of telling?

Keep writing!
Great punchline.
Love your MC, she has a lot of moxie. LOL loved the comment of her supervisor, I could see her saying it with a deadpan expression as if she really thought Leah was doing it deliberately.
Loved your descriptions! Very well-written and humorous piece! The Texas supervisor is a fun character.