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This was so cute. It could be a childs story. Thank you for sharing such a touching story. Keep writing and God bless.
A creative and fun story.
I totally loved this story.
You have a talent for writing, good writing.
Creative and humorous; yes I can see it on the shelves at the children's book store!
That was a fun story. I can see little kids loving it.
Definitely a sweet children's story.

Purely a matter of personal preference; I'm not wild about 'child angel' stories; they don't seem to fit with the Biblical description of angels as fearsome messengers of God.

That said, I found this delightful, and it's got real potential as a picture book. I can just see the illustrations.
It was delightful. Jesus loved children, so I could see a Little Angel in heaven. You kept true to the Bible and didn't make the angel a former human. The truth is we don't know all the secrets of heaven. I did have a hard time picturing a crane in Heaven, though. If you go forward with this story, (I think you should), maybe you can create a more heavenly crane. I had vivid pictures in my mind as I read it. You also had an unique prospective. Good job!
You are definitely a budding children's writer! You also have the voice of a storyteller. Congratulations.
I thoroughly enjoyed this cute story about the first rainbow. It certainly would make a great children's book--I can already see the illustrations. Keep writing!
Congrats on your placement too.
This story deserves a First place! I read it to my daughters and they loved it. You should try to get it published as a picture book. I'd buy it for sure!