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Thank you for pointing out some oops moments. Thank God for forgiving our oops moments. I enjoyed this very much. Thank you for sharing and God bless.
Thought-provoking. Makes me think of the oops moments I've had just today!
Great article. I only wish that you could have focused more upon each event, but unfortunatly the allowed word count limit how much we can write.
A good read.
I love how this is written. The repetition really brings the message home. Well done - thanks for sharing.
My favorite on this level so far; full of grace.
Convicting piece. We've all been there, and you shared the best solution. Very well done.
Wonderful lesson and a very creative format. Thanks for the reminder. Patty
What a humbling reminder. We all make mistakes, but do we always ask for forgiveness and try to right our wrong. It was a good reminder for me.
Oh I love this. Thanks for this wonderful reminder-lesson. Margaret