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Powerful story, and I almost felt as though I was reading my story only it was my mother who did not want me. And yes God has shown the beauty of his creation, even in myself... It's good to know how much God loves each of us, how He chose us. Thanks for the reminder.
This is such a tender loving story. It touched me deeply and God never has oops moments nor does he say oops. We are all created for a very special job and only that one person can do it. This bought tears to my eyes. Child abuse causes so much pain and can take years to overcome. Thank you for sharing and God bless.
Topic was well done, but the article is fraught with errors. This can happen, I still make them myself. A good spellcheck would have caught some of them,keep writing and take your time.
Good story and written at a great time -- the anniversay of Roe v Wade. No baby is an oops in God's plan.
So sorry for your pain. I've been there. No father and my mother didn't want me. It's wonderful to know we were planned and wanted by our Father. Keep writing.
Heartbreaking and tenderly written. I hope you show this to the real "Joanna."
I have uttered the exact words Joanna cried out to God. It's horrible to feel that God made a mistake when he created me. You did a beautiful job with the entire story. We all have a purpose. Thanks for the reminder; I especially needed it right now.
Beautiful. So appropriate this week.We had the video from Right to Life on sunday. The first picture is a DNA strand that will never be repeated again,no one else will ever have those same characteristics. Your story reminds us again how precious each life is.
Beautiful work. I bet Joanna loved the way you wrote her story.
Absolutely beautiful in every way! Congratulations on your "Highly Commended". It was well earned. Be sure to check out the Writing Forums; they are great!
It seems your story has struck a chord with many of the readers.
The pain of abuse stays with the victims for a lifetime, but God is the great Healer as your story shows. The authentic voice of your MC kept me engaged till the end.Congratualtions on being highly commended for this fine piece.