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The message is so true, thanks for the reminder.
I really liked this story. I felt it might have been stronger without the final sentence because it can register as a cliche and the point of the story had already been firmly established. Trust the rest of the story to carry the message and don't rely on a "message-maker" sentence on the end. You brought in the topic well and created a sweet story.
Imaginative, on topic and lots of fun with a great message.
I enjoyed this entry. Fresh and creative.
Very well written.

I loved this entry. It was a very enjoyable read. Keep writing and thank you very much.
A charming fairytale-like story reminiscent of "Pinnochio" with a strong spiritual message...just great!
Creative and well done.

It'll look neater and be easier to read if you put a white space between all paragraphs, even those that consist solely of a few words of dialog.

I've started a class in the FaithWriters forums for Beginner and Intermediate writers. I'd love to see you there--look for "Jan's Writing Basics".

This is an appealing little fable!
Very sweet. I didn't get the "message" until I read the comments, but now it seems pretty obvious. Nicely done. Be careful of punctuation-missing some commas.
A fun read with a good message. Like the teapot, we are uniquely created to serve. Thanks for the reminder.
You did a very good job on this story! The object lesson was awesome! Congratulations for your win on your level, and your placement in the Editor's Choice!!!
This was very cute. I got a nice smile out of it. Very well written and nicely pulled together. Congratulations on your award.
Very creative fable! You write very well. I'd suggest narrowing in on Pete's point of view; the narrative makes it a little distant.

Congrats on your EC! I'm glad I liked the piece that beat me out by one spot. ;)
I love this story which so excellently portrays a valuable truth all Christians need to learn. Congratulations on your EC!

I like this story so much! I think it showed a creative side that has been explored through using the idea of the teapot coming to life.

I think the last sentence would have been better if it just ended with the first part and eliminate the Potter/clay reference since it is obvious from the body of the story.