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This was well-written and informative. Until I read your piece, I did not know that those suffering from leprosy do not feel pain. That was an interesting bit of information.
After reading your article I now undestand the title. Very touching and moving. My heart broke for all who suffer leprosy. You also educated me about people with leprosy not feeling pain. Thank you for sharing and keep writing.
Exceptionally well done!

I've started a class in the FaithWriters forums for Beginner and Intermediate writers. I'd love to see you there--look for "Jan's Writing Basics".
I liked the piece. It was very passionate. In some of the explanatory parts it could flow a bit better.But foe the most part it was great.
I loved this - very touching! I have heard this fact about leprosy - makes me appreciate the reason why God gave our bodies ability to feel pain. well done.
Loved your story and your style. You're obviously writing for God's glory - may the Lord bless and anoint your writing and use you mightily. Colin
I loved how you used the prompt and your title rocks. The pacing slowed a few times in the longer paragraphs, and a few sentences didn't feel like the flow of a speech pattern. "...these people are shunned at the highest degree," for example, paints a vivid picture, but I can't imagine someone saying it.

I'm being nitpicky, but you asked. :) Well done and awesomely creative!
Wow, very good job. Keep it up.
Beautiful message in the story, and you told it excellently.
We often don't think about leprosy being a problem in the modern world. Thank you so much for this moving and well-written story, which reminds us to be thankful even for the times we say "Ow!"
Very poignant story. Wonderfully written. Very much deserving of the level placement and the Editor's Choice!!! Congratulations!!!
Congratulations on placing 1st--so well deserved! A very deserving subject and one well done! This is educational and informative and another reason why I am "Blessed By Pain"! Thank you.
Congrats on your EC!! I loved this story! I learned about leprosy a few years ago as far as the lack of pain. The other night I woke up as my arm had fallen asleep. As I moved my heavy limb and felt the blood slowly trickling down into it again, I thanked God for the ability to feel pain! Enjoy your day!!
WooHoo Sarah!! Scootch on up to advanced for 'Huh?'. ;)
Well done, Sarah! I will be reminded of this story every time I say the word "Ow" now. There is always something to be grateful for. Congratulations!
Awesome Job Sarah!!
You did such an amazing job on this piece. The MC's speech was excellent. I found myself wanting to hear what she had to say about her experience. Well done and Congratulations!
ABSOLUTELY loved this! Your writing style was simple yet compelling. You pulled the reader in and along and did it with skillful use of descriptions not overabundance of such. Congratulations!