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you won my heart on this. I liked the part about how she held him to her chest to feel her heart beating, and he got the message, and feeling of red.

I regret not using this chance to do a story about a blind couple I knew. But I could not have done it as good as this.

This is a sweet, sweet story. I loved it.
This is very touching. You explain the colours so well bringing emotion in along with great descriptions. I really like this piece.
Great job. My eyes were watering at the end. What a precious concept for this theme, I love it. :)
A lovely story, very poignant and meaningful.
Thank you for sharing - Colin
WOW!!! What a story. My heart was so blessed by this. I loved how you described each color so perfectly. Thank you for a touching story which bought tears to my eyes. God bless and Merry Christmas.
Very creative idea! I enjoyed going through each color, eager to see how each would be described to Sammy. Very nice work on this story.
Really an extraordinary work Sarah. Compelling and warm, it really drew me in. It read like the first cup of warm cocoa after building snowmen on a cold, blustery day. Excellent work!
This is one of my favorites this week. What a wise mother you painted!
Lovely, Sarah! Excellent!
Okay. Well now. Wow. Nice. So very well written, Sarah. Very good take on topic. You did an excellent job hooking the reader in with the typical childhood fear of acceptance and then took us on such a tender journey. Good job, hun.
And this comment is for your mom: Thank you for supporting your daughter as she spreads her wings and explores her gift of writing. I think you are respresented by the color violet. A mix of proud-purple and love-red. : )
You asked for red ink -- can't think of a thing! This was such a sweet story. What a great mom she is. It especially touched my heart because my daughter came home in tears today because of some "mean girls". It is heartbreaking when a little one has to feel the harshness of our world.
Super job. You nailed the topic. The dialog is great, and carries the story so naturally. Very well written! I wouldn't be surprised to see this one on top. :)
A moving story that touches my heart. It is so true we have often take for granted the colors we see with our eyes. Maybe sometimes we ought to see things from our minds' eyes instead, in order to appreciate and comprehend the greatness of God and the wonders of His creation. Colors are certainly more than just beautiful sights.