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Perfect title for this story - this was a fun read - thanks for the chuckles.
This was very cute! Good word pictures. I lost momentum, though, when it changed "voices" to third person. I caught up, and it was a really good finish.
Your description of the orange brigade was wonderful. I enjoyed this very much. Keep writing.
A good cute story that kept my interest through to the end. Thanks!
This was such a precious story! Just a note: One follows "suit" (as in a deck of cards has four suits). A suite is a group of connected rooms. Loved the little Orange Brigade!
What a cute entry! A fun read to be sure! Kudos!
What a fun read! I enjoyed it immensely.
Fresh and interesting as well as believable. I kept wondering about "mom". I could just see this family.

I felt like I was eavesdropping with you and really enjoyed the whole story.
I enojoyed reading it and it made me laugh. It was a very fun piece! Good job Sarah!:)
Delightful! A voice change but overall great story with vivid descriptions. I enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work!
Super writing! And a funny, entertaining story. I saw a typo - "they accidental went down a Blue" - you mean accidentally. ;) This was a real treat; I predict you'll be moving up again soon!