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This was portrayed in a very realistic way, that I thought it was your own story, at first. I could almost picture you there kneeling in front of that old, worn-out luggage, with eyes wide open. It would be nice to add a delapitated Bible inside (Who knows, Grandma must be a Jeswish-Christian)?
That would be a great family treasure! Beautifully written, nice choice of words.God bless!
You are a master story teller! I was right there with you looking through the old trunk, I shared you vision of their wedding day! It is so important what we are leaving for future generations. Much love, Rita
I re-read your beautiful story and the more I appreciate every detail, each name, dates, and past experiences all woven into a master craft that only a very creative story teller can weave. Ooops.. sorry if I missed reading at first that Grandma was a Jewish Christian. The more I thought that a worn-out, well-read Bible should have been in that treasure chest. I guess that will leave it to the readers' imagination.
Mitzi, I believe you did a marvelous job on this..As I started to read, I became intrigued (thought I was reading some of your family history)...This is a great story about family, America, Christianity and memories...I thought you did a good job!Be blessed, Irvin
Oh Mitzi, This is such a a very moving Inspirational piece.Very well written. I thought at first you were sharing your family history and then I realized what you had shared was a fictional story created in your heart inspired by God.What a gift to bring the reader into the story and experience the emotions along with you.

With Jesus Love,
"Numbers 6:24,25,26"
A treasure of a story! I would like to see the items in the trunk reveal more about the grandparents' lives.
A treasure of a story. You could weave a much longer story/book from the items in the trunk. Well done!
Well-written with a neat yet sad story line.
I, too, would like to read more on the individual stories of these characters. I don't think it's necessary to include the word count and that the story is fiction, at the end; it's jarring to your reader.
Hello! I just found you and your story here. You write just wonderfully, and at the end when you said it was was fine with me; I thought it was your own diary while I read. But you know, as I read...I was reading both your story and my own story with my parents and what they left "in their boxes and trunks and drawers" and it was similiar and nostalgic. This story touches the hearts of all of us who have lifted up the items and memories of our loved ones, and treasured them in the Lord. My mother came from England when she was 3 months old. I love the memoribilia, and have saved and put stories and poems and pictures into family albums.
Be blessed and keep writing! Jacque