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A different take on Lydia and her talent of creating beautiful cloth. Very interesting. Thank you.
Fascinating story! Love the descriptions.
Very nice story of Lydia. I wrote about her, too, in masters.
It felt original from this viewpoint in history. Clever,interesting, informative, and integral. Congrates!
Well, you didn't stay in this level very long. Congratulations on first place. Your story is excellent in creativity and writing! "Well done!"
Excellent with a genuine historical feel. So much information in here, are you a great researcher or just plain smart? Oh wait, I know the answer to that one ;-) I'm surprised this story's not in the EC list, wonderful characterization, creative and totally interesting. Great job my friend.
Wow. I love Biblical fiction, and this is an example of Biblical fiction well done. Everything felt very historically accurate. I can tell that you knew what you were talking about, Noel. You deserved your win. Great job!
What I loved about this piece was the fine detail in the research - hence it taught the reader about the NT world as well as entertaining him. The only fault I found - and this really is pushing it - was that by Lydia's time, the term Phoenicia was no longer in use. It died out around 64BC and Tyre was known merely as part of Roman Syria. But, hey, that shows how carefully I read your work! Nicely done and deservous of an award.