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This is a lovely, delightful read. Enjoyed going along with Mr. Jim.

A couple suggestions - don't have two characters in a story have names starting with the same letter - it makes it easy for the reader to confuse them.

Also, I'm not sure how on-topic this is. You might want to try to focus on "white" more, rather than just having a few things that are white in the story. Could be just my perceptions, though!

You did a nice job of characterization. Enjoyed this!
I enjoyed your story. It read beautifully.
As I read this I was waiting for a hook of some kind to make this story go from good to great. But by the end I didn't know who Jim was and why a day in his life should be interesting to me. Overall writing was good but needs more filler.
You did a great job of showing and not telling. I could very clearly see and hear and even smell the scenes. hmm that reminds me, I'm hungry...
This was very enjoyable. Thank you for sharing such a delightful story.