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So many young girls have gone through the emotional roller coaster of your MC as they question what to do. You ended this beautifully as the young girl realizes that God can turn any situation into a blessing.
Important topic.I hope this gets shared with young women.
Well done.
Unfortunately, too many women are facing this "problem" and finding their way to the abortionist. I'm happy to see how well you handled it in your story. Very well done.
Powerful topic, well written! Some of those "green eyed" babies turned into well-loved grandchildren! Keep writing, it is so important!
i got a bit lost in the opening paragraph with the line about the grass being painted in rows. aftrer that, this was a great work. the dilema's impact on the MC was clear, the emotion compelling. great transition from problem to blessing. well done.
Like the comment before mine, I cpould have done without the first para, just didn't add anything to the story for me. But after a powerfull piece. I felt the pain and the realization. I very quickly identified with your MC. Nice job.
I disagree about eliminating the first paragraph. It demonstrates just how much everything around this girl makes her think "baby". Good job.