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Even though the advice is given in a dream, it's good advice to remember. Thanks for sharing this with us.
The message of hope is very good.

The sci-fi elements of this were problematical; since I really don't know anything about the back story of this world, I was pretty confused. And the "dream" story is something that's been used a lot; is there another way that he could have gotten this message of hope?

In a longer form, with room to develop your character, this would be a fascinating read. Keep writing; you've got a lot of potential.
Its a nice story. I truely understand about dreams with a deeper reality. However, your sentences could flow a bit smoother. Try to develope the use of other expressions and avoid using too many "but"s.
God uses all methods to teach us and dreams are part of that. The dreams of a child are so vivid and frightening but if remembered they can also teach. Thank you for a sci-fi story about blackness of sleep,