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what a great viewpoint of hope in dark circumstances! nicely done.
Very good.
Wow - awesome story... great take on the ways some people respond to difficult situations.. with God, we can see the "beauty in black."
Great job, especially in the first half, which was quite gripping.

I'd have liked more about how Gideon had been "wrapped up in himself". As it is, his reminder from God seems a bit disproportionate--we don't see him as anything but a really nice guy--a hero, in fact.
What a wonderful story of God's love. Sometimes God does things we don't understand but in the end everything works out far better then we could have ever anticipated. No matter what comes God never leaves us and He is just a prayer away.
Thank you for all your comments. I had a lot of fun writing this one.

I agree completely, Jan. I actually had that line reading "God knew I was too wrapped up in my job..." but for some reason when I was proofing it I felt the need to change it. I now regret that decision. =)
I don't know what drew you away for more than two years, but I'm glad you have returned to share your excellent writing.
I should have seen your twist coming, but missed it completely, presuming that the cane was for support.