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a gripping tale literally! I loved some of the words you used and the story itself had be hooked! well done!
Excellent use of the topic; you didn't hit us over the head with it, but it covered the story like so much coal dust. Your narrator has a realistic and engaging voice. I hope this one does well!
Riveting at the end, and I wasn't clear whether Harv made it or not. Overall good writing though.
Great story and well written.
Wow, this is a good story with good descriptive detail. Good job.
Loved the way you wrote this story. Very interesting. I grew up in coal country and I played in the slag piles as a child. Thank you.
Great story. Loved the mc's voice...very believable. Your details and descriptions made this tale come to life. Awesome!
it engaged me right at the start, and kept me reading. great imagery. great flow. nice job.
This is such a fantastic entry. I really enjoyed reading it. Everything sounded so authentic. You had heaps of relevant details. You covered the topic well. The writing was spot on. Boy there have been some great entries this time around.
Informative and most of all, riviting, no pun intended. Your MC places you right into the experience and hold you there whether you want to be there or not. Your descriptions are top drawer - and as I have witnessed a man die from a heart attack - how you handled the look of the dying man's eyes was handled truthfully and with reverence. I did catch a shift of tenses at the very beginning from present to past, but it could have just been me. Great writing, indeed!
Oh wow, this is wonderful. I felt like I was right there getting coal dust all over my clothes. Wonderful work!
Holy cow, you took first place! Woot!
It's no surprise that this engaging story took first place. Congratulations. You did a great job with the MC's voice, the details the reader needed, and the images you painted across the page.
Wonderful piece. Very engaging and realistic. Great job! Congratulations on your win. God bless.