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a very interesting story. It seemed to mix between being a childrens tale and a much deeper more profound story. I liked the way it unfolded and the ending was great!
The last two lines are jewels. I agree, could be a good children story.
A very good message especially for children.
This did start off feeling like an Aesop's Fable, which is a good thing. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I was also surprised by the end. You revealed a much deeper truth in a few simple lines.
Interesting and well written.Love those scarred hands.
Such a tender loving story. What fascinates me is how people commented about being a good childs story not giving any thought to the fact that we Are all children to God the Father. Thank you for such simplisity.
well told. kept it simple and clear. good imagery. and an eye opening ending. thank you for submitting this.
I hope to be a Peninnah diamond some day!

I'm generally impatient with stories that feature sentient objects, but this was sweet.
Love the allegory. The dialogue was believable. Nicely done.
I totally loved this story. It's so cute. Would make an awesome kids book, that can reach adults too. And totally loved the ending. It's my favorite out of those I've read so far.
Very nicely done. Great children's story. Loved the way you gave objects human qualities. Teaches you readers very important lessons. Boy there are some great stories at level two this time around. you have great competition.
I love childrens lit and this totally rings of it. Soo good you deserve to place for this!
You have a great message about pride.
Congratulations on your Highly Commended honor. This would make a wonderful children's book...the kind that every parent reading it to their child would be touched by.