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This is a cute story and I enjoyed it very much.
i found this one a bit confusing! Peraps because being from the UK I dint understand some of the terminology!
Loved this very much. I have seen the runt of a litter turn out to be the best critter anybody could have. Somehow runts have a tenacity and strength about them that bigger critters don't have. They are scrappy little critters and can capture your heart. Thank you.

This was a warm inspiring piece. I loved the play on futility between the writer and the little pup who became salvation for the author and others. It's ok for us to stretch and learn some drover lingo! Well done.
I love the descriptions of the runt:A smouldering wick. useless little coot, as a weedy melon, useless as a kangaroo without a tail, but after naming the runt, Salvation, it opened up doors to witness and in that way it became a shining light as opposed to asmouldering wick and very valuable as opposed to useless.
Loved it!
Your descriptive phrases made this the most enjoyable story I've read thus far. Your MC is an endearing character and loved the way he used the pups name to witness to others. This one is a true winner in my opinion.
I bet I know who this is. lol
Nice story. Some people are not from Australia so I'm guessing they would struggle with some of the lingo. Hopefully the judges can look past it. It's a real beauty mate. Every one's got a bit of true blue in em, no matter where they come from.
Very nice story
Absolutely awesome! I'm so glad you commented on my story or it never would have lead me to you and your wonderful stories! You definitely have a way with words and give wonderful, unique tools for witnessing as well! Keep writing the Lord is using!