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a good story in its own way but did not grab my interst much. I thought from the title it might be about painting and the colour was in the title!
I think that the blue theme was a bit vague almost as though you had thought of the story and then added the blue in to fit the theme.
still lets hope others are less critical!
Thank you for an interesting take on the word blue. I also enjoyed the scifi story. I am a scifi nut and thought the story line was interesting and the higher up being God was perfect. Good job.
good story. you set it in an sci-fi evironment that needed just enough description to carry the story without making it super techy. nicely told. very real emotion. thanks for a good read. has all the potential for a much longer story.
This was a fun story. It would have worked better if it had been a little longer, but there's only so much you can accomplish in the allowed word count.
It's very, very tough doing sci-fi in such a small word count. I have to agree that the colour blue , although definitely there, did not feel central to the story. But I'm only new to this and haven't done all that well so far in the competitions.
Maybe it's just me but the bit about God seemed a little out of place and awkward. Almost like you were saying to yourself. 'Hey this is a Christian site better put something about God in it to keep the readers happy.'
Unfortunately I did not find his complaining and negative attitudes appealing. Might just be me though. Good luck and congratulations for picking something out of the box to do.
I hate to play a broken record....there's not much to say which hasn't already been touched on. You did a good job attempting the genre, although the story itself needs a little work. Try to create characters that people can identify with - either they love them or hate them. Also, to write according to topic, you need to make the blue a central aspect of the story. Could the story be told without blue being mentioned, or could everything be changed to red without a change in the story? You have an easy hand with words; I like your writing style.
Very good writing skills. Take note of what the previous commenters have said, and you'll go far!