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Very sweet.I like glimpses of the angels and the angelic hosts. Oh the rejoicing.Well done.
Very interesting glimpse into the heavenly.

Note: You wanted "angEL", not "angLE" throughout this piece.

You're a good writer, and I'd encourage you to take full advantage of the 750 words and work on developing your plot or your characters. Your writing has the potential to really shine!
Well written. I won't touch on things people have already mentioned. It flowed well. I found it a quick read. Maybe a little too quick. You could probably expand it a little more, add descriptions. Show us the faces and the feelings with actions rather than just telling us. Also, just my thinking but I would have loved to know what your interpretation of heaven is. What does it look/feel like. You have plenty of words so you could go to town with it.
Congratulations on such a fine entry. You're a very talented writer.